Manufacturers of TPU products for industrial purposes will find BASF’s robust Elastollan can successfully meet their demanding requirements. That’s because easy-to-process Elastollan can impart both strength and flexibility to finished products, ensuring they are resilient enough for everyday use. For example, the products shown below are just a few examples of how Elastollan TPU can be used in industrial applications.


You can also contact us at for information on how Elastollan can deliver exceptional results for industrial products not shown here. For a list of Elastollan certifications, please click here; additional Elastollan literature is available here.

Cable Ties

Because Elastollan is notable for its elastic memory and excellent abrasion/cut/tear resistance, it is particularly well suited for use in cable ties.

Caster Wheels

Abrasion and mar resistance, load-bearing ability, a quiet roll, chemical/oil resistance, adhesion to inserts and low-temperature flexibility all contribute to Elastollan’s stand-out performance in caster wheel manufacturing.

Conveyor Belts

When used to manufacture conveyor belts, Elastollan provides outstanding tear/cut/abrasion resistance, high puncture resistance, long-term flexibility, low-temperature flexibility, washability and hydrolytic stability.

Conveyer Hoses

Exceptional tear/cut/abrasion resistance, high puncture resistance, long-term flexibility and low-temperature flexibility are among the qualities Elastollan brings to the manufacture of conveyor hoses. And BASF’s polyester-grade Elastollan is particularly suitable for fuel conveyor hoses.

Drive Belts

Abrasion/tear/cut resistance, high puncture resistance and low-temperature and long-term flexibility are all crucial for the manufacture of drive belts, and Elastollan showcases all of these traits and more.


Shipping goods requires dunnage that has superior flexibility, elastic memory and abrasion/cut/tear resistance, and Elastollan can impart all of those important qualities.

Escalator Handrails

Elastollan qualities that assist in the high-quality production of escalator handrails include abrasion/tear/cut resistance, oil resistance, long-term flexibility and low-temperature flexibility.

Hydraulic Hoses

When used to manufacture hydraulic hoses, Elastollan is notable for its ability to impart fuel/oil resistance, low-temperature flexibility, abrasion/cut/tear resistance, puncture resistance, hydrolytic stability, creep resistance and high-temperature resistance.

Ink Rollers

With traits such as abrasion and mar resistance, good load-bearing characteristics, a quiet roll, chemical and oil resistance, low-temperature flexibility and the ability to adhere strongly to inserts, Elastollan is perfect for ink rollers.

Living Hinges

Top-quality living hinges benefit from Elastollan traits such as tear/cut/abrasion resistance, flex-fatigue resistance, resistance to oil, and long-term and low-temperature flexibility.

Pneumatic Hoses & Brake Tubes

Top-rated pneumatic hoses and brake tubes can be easily produced using Elastollan, which adds abrasion/tear/cut/puncture resistance, high burst pressure, high elasticity and coil retention, long-term flexibility, oil/fuel resistance, low-temperature flexibility and hydrolytic stability.

Roller Wheels

Roller wheels made from Elastollan are enhanced by the TPU’s abrasion and mar resistance, load-bearing abilities, quiet roll characteristics, chemical and oil resistance, ability to adhere to inserts and low-temperature flexibility.

Spiral Hoses

Manufacturers who take Elastollan for a spin will find it ideal for spiral hoses, providing great long-term and low-temperature flexibility, the ability to be certified by NSF, great abrasion/tear/cut resistance and hydrolytic stability.