Health & Safety

Playing an important role in the health and safety industry, Elastollan supplies remarkable resistance to tears, cuts, punctures and abrasions, while also retaining low-temperature, long-term flexibility. As a result, itís the TPU of choice for a variety of savvy manufacturers in the healthcare field.


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Bedsheets (Moisture Barriers)

Elastollan offers products with excellent hydrolytic stability and microbial resistance for use in manufacturing bedsheets.

Catheters (FDA & NAMSA)

Microbial resistance, high burst pressure, hydrolytic stability, transparency and compliancy with FDA, USP Class VI and NSF 61 all combine to make Elastollan an excellent product for manufacturing catheters.

Fire Hoses

When used to manufacture fire hoses, Elastollan offers a high burst pressure and excellent hydrolytic stability, along with certification from NSF.

Medical Tubes

Makers of quality medical tubing can depend on Elastollan for high burst pressure, hydrolytic stability, transparency, clarity and both FDA and USP Class VI certification.

Safety Goggles

Elastollan is an essential component of safety goggles, contributing transparency, hydrolytic resistance, scratch resistance, microbial resistance, resistance to weathering and color stability.

Water Hoses (NSF)

When used in the health and safety industry, water hoses benefit from Elastollan traits like high burst pressure and hydrolytic stability, as well as NSF 61 certification.

Wheelchair Cushions

Imparting washability, microbial resistance and hydrolytic stability, Elastollan is an important part of the manufacture of wheelchair cushions.

Wound Dressings

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above, Elastollan also provides wound dressings with hydrolytic stability, FDA and USP Class VI certification, and washability.