BASF’s Elastollan TPU has the impressive tear and cut resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and low-temperature flexibility necessary to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction industry. Several grades of Elastollan are also certified by NSF International for use in potable water mains.


Elastollan is also versatile enough to provide industry solutions beyond those listed here. Just contact us at to find out how Elastollan can help with your specific construction needs. For a list of Elastollan certifications, please click here; additional Elastollan literature is available here.

Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) applications demand superior Elastollan properties such as high burst pressure, long-term flexibility, NSF certification, hydrolytic stability, and chemical resistance.


Elastollan traits that are important for geomembranes include high puncture resistance, long-term flexibility and hydrolytic stability.

Photovoltaic-cell Backings

For superior functionality in photovoltaic-cell backings, Elastollan provides high-puncture resistance, long-term flexibility, resistance to weathering, color stability and hydrolytic stability.

Traffic Control Devices

Elastollan’s hydrolytic resistance, impact resistance, resistance to weathering and color stability make it an excellent choice for traffic control devices.

Spiral Hoses

Elastollan TPU is the perfect choice for spiral hose manufacturers, providing great long-term and low-temperature flexibility, superior abrasion/cut/tear resistance and excellent hydrolytic stability.

Water Hoses (NSF)

Elastollan TPU provides impressive puncture resistance, high burst pressure, long-term flexibility, NSF approval and hydrolytic stability for makers of water hoses.