Hose & Tube

The robust characteristics of Elastollan make it the superior choice for use in hose and tube applications.

Elastollan provides puncture and abrasion resistance, along with an impressively high burst-pressure rating, yet it also ensures a high degree of flexibility for kink resistance and ease of coiling. BASF also has the chemical expertise to enhance additional key Elastollan properties:

  • Polyether-based grades of Elastollan offer improved microbial resistance, enhanced resistance to weak acids/bases and moisture/humidity, and low service temperatures.
  • Polyester-based grades of Elastollan supply improved resistance to oils/solvents and weather (UV), along with high service temperatures.
  • Grades of Elastollan can be formulated with flame-retarding characteristics as well the ability to meet FDA and other certifications.


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Catheters (FDA & NAMSA)

Microbial resistance, high burst pressure, hydrolytic stability, transparency and compliancy with FDA, USP Class VI and NSF 61 all combine to make Elastollan an excellent product for manufacturing catheters.

Cured-in-place Pipe (CIPP)

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) applications demand superior Elastollan properties such as high burst pressure, long-term flexibility, NSF certification, hydrolytic stability, and chemical resistance.

Conveyer Hoses

Exceptional tear/cut/abrasion resistance, high puncture resistance, long-term flexibility and low-temperature flexibility are among the qualities Elastollan brings to the manufacture of conveyor hoses. And BASF's polyester-grade Elastollan is particularly suitable for fuel conveyor hoses.

Fire Hoses

When used to manufacture fire hoses, Elastollan offers a high burst pressure and excellent hydrolytic stability, along with certification from NSF.

Fuel Hoses

Offering fuel/oil resistance, low-temperature flexibility, abrasion/cut/tear resistance, puncture resistance, hydrolytic stability, creep resistance and high-temperature resistance, Elastollan can fuel the production of high-quality fuel hoses.

Hydraulic Hoses

When used to manufacture hydraulic hoses, Elastollan is notable for its ability to impart fuel/oil resistance, low-temperature flexibility, abrasion/cut/tear resistance, puncture resistance, hydrolytic stability, creep resistance and high-temperature resistance.

Irrigation Hoses

Traits such as impact and abrasion resistance, high burst pressure, resistance to weathering, color stability and resistance to farm chemicals allow Elastollan to be successfully utilized in irrigation hoses.

Medical Tubes

Makers of quality medical tubing can depend on Elastollan for high burst pressure, hydrolytic stability, transparency, clarity and both FDA and USP Class VI certification.

Organic Waste Pipes

Notable impact and abrasion resistance, high burst pressure and resistance to waste chemicals are just some of the Elastollan qualities relied on in making organic waste pipes.

Pneumatic Hoses & Brake Tubes

Top-rated pneumatic hoses and brake tubes can be easily produced using Elastollan, which adds abrasion/tear/cut/puncture resistance, high burst pressure, high elasticity and coil retention, long-term flexibility, oil/fuel resistance, low-temperature flexibility and hydrolytic stability.

Spiral Hoses

Elastollan TPU is the perfect choice for spiral hose manufacturers, providing great long-term and low-temperature flexibility, superior abrasion/cut/tear resistance and excellent hydrolytic stability.

Water Hoses (NSF)

When used in the health and safety industry, water hoses benefit from Elastollan traits like high burst pressure and hydrolytic stability, as well as NSF 61 certification.